Composer David Arnold: From ‘Good Omens’ to Another Bond Film?

Could David Arnold return as composer to the James Bond series?It was the obvious question to pose while he was talking about Amazon’s new “Good Omens” miniseries, for which he has composed the elaborate score.“It’s a no-news situation,” Arnold told Variety about 007.

“I’ve heard nothing.

But my pencil is always sharpened for him if James comes around again.

But if he doesn’t, I’ll be as excited to watch the new film as anyone else.

I still love him, and I love all of the team over there.”Arnold composed the scores for five consecutive Bond films: three with Pierce Brosnan and two starring Daniel Craig.With singer Chris Cornell, he co-wrote “You Know My Name,” the theme song for “Casino Royale,” and earned a Grammy nomination for it; he also received a BAFTA nomination for that score.Arnold has scored more 007 films than any composer since John Barry,

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