Composer Henry Jackman Praises A Key Moment In John Williams’ Empire Strikes Back Score [Exclusive]

Few composers have shaped the soundscape of Hollywood cinema for the past 30 years quite like Hans Zimmer.

From “The Lion King” to “The Thin Red Line,” “Gladiator,” “Dune: Part One,” and his work on Christopher Nolan’s films, Zimmer’s best soundtracks are capable of telling gripping stories all on their own.

Just as impressive, in many ways, is the list of movie composers mentored by Zimmer, including Benjamin Wallfisch and Henry Jackman.Since his days working with Zimmer on projects like “The Da Vinci Code” and “The Dark Knight,” Jackman has firmly come into his own as a composer.

The movies he’s scored going back to 2010, including “Winnie the Pooh,” “Captain Phillips,” and “Kong: Skull Island,” vary greatly in genre and tone.

But just like Zimmer when he’s bringing his A-game, Jackman excels at being able to tweak and adapt his musical style to fit the needs of any

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