Consider This Event: How ‘Yellowjackets’ Created [Spoiler]’s Death in That Season 2 Finale

How do you follow something as massively successful as “Yellowjackets” Season 1? It’s a problem that every show dreams of having — and few ever get the chance to worry about.

When “Yellowjackets” premiered in late 2021, it instantly captivated America with its rich mythology and thrilling story about the lifelong effects of a girl’s soccer team getting stranded in the woods.The wait for more episodes was agonizing for fans, and “Yellowjackets” Season 2 quickly became one of the most anticipated events of the spring 2023 TV season.

But the cast and crew of the hit Showtime series quickly learned that staying at the top of the TV landscape is just as hard as reaching it.At IndieWire’s Consider This Event in Los Angeles on Saturday, “Yellowjackets” star Christina Ricci, executive producer and director Karyn Kusama, and music supervisor Nora Felder sat down for a panel moderated by IndieWire’s Editor in Chief Dana Harris-Bridson.

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