‘Conversations with Friends’: Director Lenny Abrahamson Wants Audiences to See Joe Alwyn in a Different Way

In 2020, as a pandemic raged around the world, audiences found comfort in the fractious love life of Marianne and Connell.

The adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel, “Normal People,” captured audiences in the U.S., where the series debuted on Hulu, at a time where a story of two people weaving in and out of each other’s lives felt romantic and engaging.Now, director Lenny Abrahamson, who beautifully rendered Rooney’s “Normal People” for the screen, has returned with another Rooney book.

And no doubt it will play equally with an audience’s emotions.

“Conversations with Friends” is the story of Frances (Alison Oliver) and her free-spirited friend, Bobbi (Sasha Lane).

But their friendship is tested when they meet married couple Melissa and Nick.Abrahamson talked with IndieWire via Zoom about adapting another Rooney novel, working with Alwyn, and how internalized characters can be their own challenge.

Interview has

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