Corrective Measures review – Bruce Willis flexes his mind control in superpowered prison drama

Splicing X-Men and Suicide Squad shouldn’t really work, but director Sean Patrick O’Reilly adds a subtle layer of social commentary to the comic-book schlock in a distinctive debutBased on Grant Chastain’s graphic novel, Corrective Measures is an unabashed splicing of X-Men and Suicide Squad.

Something so derivative really shouldn’t work, yet its setting, within the confines of San Tiburon – a maximum-security prison for inmates with superpowers – corrals the story into something close to a brassily characterised ensemble drama, while restricting the action to occasional raucous outbreaks.

Presumably done for budget reasons, it winds up a more distinctive film than it otherwise might be, and is presided over by Michael Rooker – inexplicably wearing a straw boater throughout – as the arrogant and conniving Warden Devlin.We enter San Tiburon along with Payback (Dan Payne), a Bible-bashing meathead whose mission in life is hunting down “enhanced humans”; superpowered genetic

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