Could Orson Welles Compete for an Oscar One Last Time?

It’s been nearly 50 years since Orson Welles called up friend and colleague Peter Bogdanovich, just before the young filmmaker flew to Texas to begin production on “The Last Picture Show,” to knock out some of the earliest footage of what would eventually become Welles’ swan song.

Thanks to Netflix and a dedicated crew, “The Other Side of the Wind” finally saw the light of day at the Venice Film Festival Friday, with a U.S.

bow in Telluride set for this evening.But here’s the pressing question for this space: Is it eligible for Oscar consideration? The answer is yes, but how the Academy — aggressively internationalized in recent years (which could help) — responds to the fever and wit of this acid-trip assemblage is yet to be seen.

The film brims with contempt for the new Hollywood of the ‘70s, lionized to this day, and it chips away at

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