‘Country Music’: From Johnny Cash to Racism, Ken Burns’ New Docuseries Rubs Between Fact and Lore

Musician Rosanne Cash is used to speaking about her father Johnny Cash.

After all, she’s been living in his shadow her entire life and even wrote a memoir in 2010 that in part examines her rocky relationship with him.

But for Ken Burns’ new miniseries “Country Music” – which details the creation of modern country music – she was unprepared for the emotional journey that revisiting the past would bring.“Well, some places they went were painful like, ‘What did you sing at your dad’s deathbed?’” Rosanne Cash told IndieWire.

“I think that was the first time I told that.”“Country Music,” delves into these details – not to mine personal tragedy – but to highlight the often complex and tumultuous lives that these legends in the industry led.

So much heartache, loneliness, and yes, drama, made headlines and yet simultaneously fueled art.Straight From the Musician’s MouthThere’s an additional storytelling benefit,

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