‘Craziest thing I’ve ever done’: how In the Heights pulled off its most spectacular dance numbers

How do you get 90 hoofers to frug in a pool? Christopher Scott, the choreographer behind Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical extravaganza, reveals allChristopher Scott is baffled.

“I hear time and again: ‘Musicals are not really my thing.’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t even know what that means.

You don’t like music? You don’t like dancing?’”Many people who “don’t like musicals” will like the one Scott has just choreographed.

In the Heights was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda in 2005, before his mega-success with Hamilton, and it’s set in the largely Dominican neighbourhood of Washington Heights, just south of where Miranda grew up in Manhattan.

Now turned into a film, starring Hamilton alumnus Anthony Ramos and LA Law’s Jimmy Smits, it’s a feelgood story of identity, belonging and a secret lottery win, full of heart, rich with character and bursting with music.Continue reading.

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