‘Crimes of the Future’ Could Cause Walkouts? Wait Till This Human Body Doc Debuts — Watch the Teaser

It’s hard to think of two bolder voices in the documentary film space than Verena Paravel & Lucien Castaing-Taylor.

The directors made their names with “Leviathan,” an immersive fishing documentary that gleefully defied genre conventions to show fishing in all of its gruesome beauty.

Realistic approaches to flesh, both living and decaying, have defined their style for years, and the filmmakers’ latest work appears to be no exception.In “De Humani Corporis Fabrica,” Paravel and Castaing-Taylor turn their unique camera techniques to the human body, combining medical footage with a cinematic sensibility to portray the body in a way it has never been seen before.“Thinking about how modern medicine has used the tools of cinema to develop its own powers of seeing, we wanted to try to do the opposite, to borrow the tools of medicine for cinema, to allow us to see the human body in a way

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