Cristi Puiu Goes on Anti-Mask Rant, Says It’s ‘Inhuman’ to Watch His Film with a Face Covering

Romanian filmmaker Cristi Puiu is known for making films of near-punishing lengths, from the 181-minute “Aurora” to the just-under-three-hours “Sieranevada.” His latest film, the philosophical historical drama “Malmkrog,” is 200 minutes — a long time to sit in a theater while wearing a face mask.

(“Tenet” faces a similar challenge with its two-and-a-half-hour runtime.)Puiu, while presenting his new film at the Transylvania International Film Festival this summer, thinks so too.

Which is why, in his introduction to the movie, he said it was “inhuman” to watch his film with a mask on, and launched into an anti-mask rant stating that, while the virus is real, the “tone of the authorities is unacceptable.” The speech, below, was reported by Romania Journal.Ok, I understand, social distancing, and the obligation to wear a face mask in open air in Cluj.

Ok, I am sorry for you, it is a 200-minute film.

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