‘Cruella’: Reverse Engineering Disney’s Famous Villain for Emma Stone’s Punk Look

For makeup and hair designer Nadia Stacey (“The Favourite”), creating the ’70s punk look for Emma Stone in Disney’s “Cruella” origin story involved reverse engineering.

Stacey started with the iconic two-toned black-and-white hairdo, black eyeshadow and liner, and red lips, established in the animated “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” (1961) and re-imagined for the live-action remake (1996) starring Glenn Close.

But Stacey “never felt shackled to any of that.”“They stand on their own,” she said.

“I wanted to believe our Cruella 15 years later becomes the Glenn Close version that we know.

And because we’re an origin story, and we start with this girl who’s finding her way and finding her fashion, it’s believable that she’s playing with all those looks in hair and makeup and costumes, and eventually will become the sculptured look that Cruella is.”Having already worked with Stone on “The Favourite,” Stacey knew

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