‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’: In Season 11, Larry David Shrugs Off the Pandemic — Thank Goodness

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Season 11, Episode 1, “The Five-Foot Fence.”]When we last saw Larry David, it wasn’t on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” He was peering through his back window in the pages of The New York Times.

Or he was reviving his “SNL” alter ego, Senator Bernie Sanders, from what appeared to be a chair in his home office.

Or he was explaining the virtues of stay-at-home orders on behalf of the State of California.

(“I basically want to address the idiots out there…” remains a timeless introduction.) As the coronavirus started to spread, one could argue Larry David was the first face of the pandemic — the curmudgeonly source of comfort for so many uneasy Americans, still searching for smiles in increasingly difficult times.

In part, it was a title bestowed by timing: “Curb Your Enthusiasm” wrapped its tenth season in March 2020, so those watching weekly had Larry on the brain,

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