‘Da 5 Bloods’ Composer Terence Blanchard Reflects on Being the Film’s Surprise Sole Oscar Nominee

After collaborating on nearly 20 movies for more than 30 decades, it’s easy to see why composer Terence Blanchard calls his creative rapport with Spike Lee “more like a no-hand” than a short-hand.

That could explain why, on the morning of March 15, the jazz musician and the iconic filmmaker didn’t have to say much at all about the fact that their latest effort, “Da 5 Bloods,” received just a single Academy Award nomination: Blanchard for Best Original Score.“[Spike] called me up to congratulate me and I said, ‘Well, man, I’m feeling bad because I thought for sure you guys would get nominated,’” Blanchard told IndieWire, calling from his home in New Orleans.

“His response to me was, ‘Onward and upward.

You’ve got to represent.’ And he said ‘congratulations,’ and that was it.”Many pundits and other Oscar watchers thought “Da 5 Bloods,” a nostalgic odyssey of four

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