Damien Chazelle Releases Short Film Shot in iPhone in Vertical Display

Here’s something different: Damien Chazelle, the acclaimed director behind “Whiplash” and “La La Land,” has released a short film shot entirely in vertical display on an iPhone.Titled “The Stunt Double,” the short film stars Tom McComas as the eponymous stunt double — McComas is a professional stunt performer whose credits range from “The Dark Knight” and “Euphoria” to “Sonic the Hedgehog” — whose life flashes before his eyes during an especially outlandish scene.

The film opens with McComas performing in some sort of action movie where he flees from a gun-toting duo by jumping off of a tall building.

When his parachute fails, McComas closes his eyes and reminisces about the various films he’s performed stunts in.Chazelle’s film then flashes through McComas’ character’s career, which includes work on projects ranging from a film that riffs on “Indiana Jones” to a romantic feature.

Most of the fictional movies also star Preeti Desai,

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