Danny Elfman on Losing His Shirt and Owning a Wild, Web-Busting Coachella Show: ‘I Thought, Can They Hang Me for This?’

Danny Elfman saw his career flashing before his eyes during his performance Saturday night at Coachella, in more ways than one.

Yes, there was the 40-yer-plus, career-encompassing aspect of the setlist, from Oingo Boingo new-wave evergreens to score chestnuts from “Edward Scissorhands” and “Batman”; from his recent orchestral-rock comeback album to a deeply viral concert breakout of his “Simpsons” theme.

But aside from that, Elfman also says he experienced just about every mood he’s ever had on stage over the course of that hour on stage, from a dread about technical aspects not going as planned to an ebullience in the show’s final stretch.Elfman’s appearance would have inevitably have been one of Coachella’s most talked-about even if it hadn’t been gleefully received as a fast-forward tour de force — by untold millions watching the livestream at home as well as the thousands on hand.


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