Danny McBride Reveals How ‘Eastbound & Down’ Prepared Him for ‘Halloween’ — and What He Has in Mind for the Sequel

When it was first announced that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride would account for two-thirds of the main creative team behind the newest “Halloween,” surprise quickly gave way to curiosity.

Neither of them had a background in horror, but the two had collaborated more than once and had strong track records both on their own and with each other.

Those who gave them the benefit of the doubt had their trust rewarded, as “Halloween” has proven itself to be more than worthy of John Carpenter’s original.As it turns out, Green and McBride’s extensive TV work together was a key part of their success.“Weirdly, I think it was writing for television that prepped us to be able to do this,” McBride told Deadline in an interview published today.

“Whether it’s writing on ‘Eastbound & Down’ or ‘Vice Principals,’ you come back for the new season for a show and thinking,

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