David Arquette on Returning to ‘Scream,’ Bozo the Clown and the Review That Makes Him Laugh

Though David Arquette is a member of an acting dynasty, he originally didn’t think acting was for him after repeatedly auditioning as a kid and never being cast.

It was only through the encouragement of a high school teacher, Ben DeBaldo, that he discovered his love for the craft and the confidence to try again.

Now Arquette will reprise his role as lovable Dewey Riley in the fifth “Scream” film in the iconic horror series, hitting theaters Jan.

14.I’d love to talk to you about “Scream,” but I’m guessing you can’t tell me much.Well, I could tell you that [directors] Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett did an incredible job.

And the writers as well.

It’s scary and it’s really funny.

They took the world and expanded on it, and it’s got this incredible new cast.

That really reminded me of us when we

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