David Fincher Says Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ Was ‘a Betrayal of the Mentally Ill’

After opening last October, raking in more than a billion dollars, and taking home multiple Oscar wins including Best Actor for Joaquin Phoenix, “Joker” isn’t going anywhere from the cultural lexicon.

Todd Phillips’ DC origin-story smash remains a favorite of superhero fans who like their tentpoles with sharp edges.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph to promote his glossy new Hollywood throwback “Mank,” now in select theaters and streaming on Netflix beginning December 4, Fincher said “Joker” was a risk that paid off, and he contrasted it the experience to his own “Fight Club” more than two decades ago.“Nobody would have thought they had a shot at a giant hit with ‘Joker’ had ‘The Dark Knight’ not been as massive as it was,” Fincher said.

Indeed, “The Dark Knight” also racked up more than $1 billion for studio Warner Bros., but even “Joker” bested it.However, Fincher also described

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