David Fincher Shares Surprising ‘Zodiac’ Criticism and His Biggest Pet Peeve on Set

David Fincher fans are in for a treat as Empire magazine has made available a recent Q&a with David Fincher in its entirety.

The original article was included in Empire’s December 2019 issue as part of the magazine’s celebration of its 30th anniversary, but a digital copy of the Q&a finally debuted on the Empire website this month.

The article finds Fincher answering 17 questions submitted by readers, and in some cases the director gets candid about some of his own work.

When asked about which of his directorial efforts would make a great television series, Fincher nitpicked his crime masterpiece “Zodiac” and shared one bit of criticism he has for the 2007 release.“I suppose ‘Mindhunter’ is an extension of a lot of the thinking about what makes a scene, or what makes drama, that I had about ‘Zodiac,’” Fincher said.

“In trying to take something that

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