David Lowery Almost Quit Filmmaking Before ‘Green Knight’ Release: ‘It Was a Very Existential Year’

[The following post contains spoilers for “The Green Knight.”]Ten years ago, David Lowery was a virtually unknown Texan filmmaker pushing his short film “Pioneer” at Sundance.

Since then, he has gone on to work on studio projects like Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon” and the upcoming “Peter Pan and Wendy,” as well as the Robert Redford romance “The Old Man and the Gun.” Through it all, Lowery has remained an innovative and unpredictable storyteller whose work is steeped in awe-inspiring moments that retain an intimate quality irrespective of their scale.

Having made the lo-fi hit “A Ghost Story” after “Pete’s Dragon,” Lowery continues to build a body of work that tips in and out of big-budget filmmaking as his signature blend of sensitivity and enigmatic storytelling deepens each time out.That trajectory continues with “The Green Knight,” his most ambitious project to date, and an adaption of the 14th-century poem of the same name.

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