David Lynch Says More ‘Twin Peaks’ Is “Calling Him.”

Twin Peaks: The Return” felt, for many like this generation’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” It broke the rules of television and Lynch’s vision was so far out, it almost felt like a broadcast from another dimension.

The mosaic of characters the legendary director presented to us was part of a greater whole, one that felt almost too impossible to describe.Read More: ‘Twin Peaks’ The Return Finale: The Mind-Bending Ecstasy Of The UnknowableAs Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) finally found his way down the show’s never-ending rabbit hole of colliding cosmos, he did so by finding a way to redeem Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), even by saving her life, seemingly going back in time and changing the tragic events of 1989.Continue reading David Lynch Says More ‘Twin Peaks’ Is “Calling Him.” at The Playlist.

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