David Oyelowo: ‘Nowhere on Earth has been better at covering up racism than Great Britain’

The actor is tired of talking about race, but the trolling of his latest film shows why he still has to.

He talks religion, the secret of his happy marriage – and why he worried he had failed the legacy of Martin Luther KingDavid Oyelowo is tired of talking about racism.

After all, he has spent a professional lifetime doing so – not surprisingly, as this has been the focus of many of his films.

So it was with some relief that he found himself starring in an escapist children’s movie that has nothing to do with it.

Yet two months before its release, Come Away hit the headlines – as a racism story.Come Away is a fantasy about a fantasy; the whimsical tale of parents bringing up young children who just happen to be Peter Pan and Alice from Wonderland.

Oyelowo plays the father, while Angelina Jolie plays the mother.

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