‘Deadwood’ Review: David Milch’s HBO Movie Is a Bittersweet and Brutally Honest Triumph

The closing line of David Milch’s “Deadwood” movie is one of the greatest ever written.

Part epitaph, part rebuke of that very thought, the ending note to Milch’s long-awaited follow-up to an epic western cut short is every bit as enlivening, powerful, and motherfucking final as fans could want.

Of course, the words won’t be spoiled here, but the same encouraging sentiments can be said for the film overall, as a cast emboldened by grand dialogue and towering themes returns for a simple story, beautifully told.Given the brevity of the film, as well as its unencumbered plotting, here are the few details you need to know before diving in:The “Deadwood” movie picks up 10 years after the end of Season 3, as the citizens of Deadwood gather to celebrate South Dakota’s statehood.

These festivities serve to bring everyone back in one place, and all of the

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