Denis Villeneuve Is Here to Explain Why Duncan Idaho Is ‘the Best’ Name, Internet Be Damned

Google the name Duncan Idaho and you’ll get entire articles devoted to fans joking, mocking, and celebrating the character name following the release of Denis Villeneuve’ “Dune” in theaters and on HBO Max.

It appears everyone has an opinion on the name Duncan Idaho.

The character, played by Jason Momoa in Villeneuve’s movie, is the swordmaster of House Atreides and an essential mentor figure to the protagonist Paul (Timothee Chalamet).

Villeneuve got asked about Duncan Idaho’s name in an interview with Vulture, and the director was quick to explain the meaning behind Duncan Idaho’s name and why that makes it so cool.“Personally, I deeply love it,” Villeneuve said of the name.

“I love that Frank Herbert gives hints of Earth culture.

You have links with the Catholic religion, or Middle Eastern cultural elements.

They are hints that these people were coming from Earth, and then they expanded into the galaxy.

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