Denis Villeneuve Shot Two Endings To His Thriller ‘Prisoners’

Before he moved on to big-budget arthouse blockbusters like “Blade Runner 2049” and his upcoming “Dune,” Denis Villeneuve made a big first impression with his English-language debut “Prisoners.” The film was exquisitely shot, and managed to maintain suspense throughout its runtime, leaving the audience with an ambiguous ending.

But it seems like we could have got a different ending to the film, as Villeneuve reveals he shot two endings to “Prisoners.”Read More: Denis Villeneuve Thinks “It Would Be Healthy” For Him To Make A Smaller Film After ‘Dune’Speaking with frequent collaborator Roger Deakins in the latest episode of his Team Deakins podcast (via IndieWire), the two revisited their inaugural collaboration on “Prisoners.” Despite this being the first time Villeneuve worked with Hollywood studios, the director said he didn’t feel constricted at all.Continue reading Denis Villeneuve Shot Two Endings To His Thriller ‘Prisoners’ at The Playlist.

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