Dennis Quaid Recalls a Date With Destiny Thanks to Variety

Dennis Quaid has played a wide range of characters in a career spanning five decades.

The 63-year-old actor has portrayed a loving father in such films as “The Parent Trap,” “The Rookie” and “A Dog’s Purpose.” His new role in “I Can Only Imagine” is a stark departure, with Quaid limning a monstrous paternal figure in a movie that follows the story behind MercyMe’s popular faith-based song of the same name.Quaid says he has always been attracted to father-son stories but that he was particularly drawn to this “brutally truthful” portrait.

He says depicting the character’s metamorphosis was a new challenge for him.Variety first mentioned Quaid on Sept.

29, 1976, when the up-and-coming actor appeared in his first film role, the James Bridges drama “September 30, 1955.”What do you most remember from working on “September 30, 1955”?It was my first job.

I came out from Houston in February of

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