‘Desperados’ Review: Here’s the Netflix Rip-Off of ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Girls Trip’

While Hollywood has struggled to marry its affection for bombastic big-budget franchises and its audience’s hunger for the mid-budget romantic comedies that fell out of box-office fashion long ago, Netflix picked up the slack and ran with it.

But bulking up its robust library of originals with a litany of rom-com offerings — a good thing! — doesn’t always equal with quality, even for a filmmaker-friendly streamer like Netflix.

For every tender, funny hit like “To All the Boys,” there’s a retrograde entry like “The Kissing Booth.” For every clever “Always Be My Maybe,” there’s a forgettable waste of a good idea like “Love Wedding Repeat.” For every crowdpleaser like “Set It Up,” there’s a “Hey, what movie was that?” like “The Last Summer.”Now there’s “Desperados,” which plays out like a needlessly gross-out version of the incredibly similarly themed “Ibiza,” an overlooked Netflix rom-com that

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