Desperados review – hit-and-miss Netflix comedy offers throwaway summer fun

A trio of friends head to Mexico to delete a drunken email in a mostly entertaining if a little scattershot comedyWhile Netflix has been trying to resurrect the romantic comedy, it has also been quietly attempting to reinvigorate a subgenre that studios have spent even less time and money on.

When Bridesmaids became Judd Apatow’s biggest-ever hit as producer or director, scooping up enthused reviews and two Oscar nominations along the way, many expected that more would follow, studio comedies that centred on groups of female friends who were allowed to be more than just idealised or demonised girlfriends and wives.But it’s been a slow slog, with the past decade scattered with just Girls Trip, Rough Night and two Bad Moms films, leaving Netflix to pick up the slack.

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