‘Devs’: Alex Garland’s Visual Idea that Helps Locate the Show’s Multiverse

Each new episode of “Devs” takes its time diving back into the world the show has created.

But it’s not done through the standard “Previously on” rewind that many other series use.

If anything, these episode preludes set the stage for what’s to come.“I was trying to work with a convention that I noticed on TV, a recap.

And this was a sort of slightly more abstract recap, because it’s really a foreshadowing a lot of the time,” series writer/director Alex Garland told IndieWire.More from IndieWireThe Best TV Series of 2020 So Far (And Where to Watch Them)What We’re Watching While Taking Covid-19 Precautions: ‘Roswell, N.M.’, MSNBC and …

The West Wing‘An episode-by-episode marker that’s facing both backward and forward in time ends up being a pretty solid metaphor for what the rest of the show is dealing with

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