‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ Review: Animated Reboot Delivers Plenty of Familiar Charms

The perpetual troubles of a prepubescent protagonist are humorously placed at the center of Disney Plus’ “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” After a successful run of four live-action features adapted from Jeff Kinney’s popular book series, director Swinton Scott refurbishes the franchise as an animated feature, and while the wholesome-minded product feels a tad redundant, it establishes its own identity, occasionally improving upon its cinematic predecessor enough to make it a worthwhile watch.Scrawny, awkward tween Greg Heffley (Brady Noon) has always tried to avoid embarrassment as much as humanly possible, but life has a funny way of continually making him the butt of the joke.

He’s currently sweating his social standing, and the bright red diary his mother bought him isn’t helping matters as it looks far less cool than an inconspicuous journal.

He’s hoping that chronicling his pre-teen exploits will serve as the basis

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