Did Tom Wolfe Really Write Chris Farley’s Last Movie ‘Almost Heroes’?

Film fans might have been puzzled scanning IMDb on Tuesday after the death of Tom Wolfe, the beloved author of nonfiction and fiction best-sellers like “The Right Stuff” and “The Bonfire of the Vanities” that were adapted into memorable Hollywood movies.The movie site listed Wolfe, who died Monday at age 87, as the co-screenwriter of the 1998 Chris Farley-Matthew Perry comedy “Almost Heroes” along with David Nutter and “Fuller House” co-executive producer Boyd Hale.But no, the famed paragon of New Journalism is not the same Tom Wolfe who co-wrote Farley’s last movie, which has an abysmal 8 percent on RottenTomatoes despite a starry ’90s cast and director Christopher Guest.“My co-writer was a different Tom Wolfe, of course,” Nutter told TheWrap via email.The period adventure comedy about rivals of explorers Lewis and Clark

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