Diego Calva Talks Damian Chazelle’s ‘Babylon,’ Netflix’s ‘Narcos’

Hailed as a fast-rising new talent from Mexico, actor Diego Calva has surfaced from small but notable Mexican and Argentine films to landing pivotal roles in Damien Chazelle’s “Babylon,” the Oscar-winning director’s follow-up to “La La Land,” and the third iteration of Netflix’s wildly popular “Narcos: Mexico.” He has studied directing and has shot a few shorts over the past few years.What do you attribute to your being cast in “Babylon” and “Narcos: Mexico 3”? Do you think luck has anything to do with it apart from the previous work you have done?Of course, luck has something to do with it.

That Damien [Chazelle] thought about the character and the story has nothing to do with me.

I came into the equation much later.

As an actor, at least when you start out, you don’t decide your characters.

You decide whether to take it or leave it,

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