Discover the Outrageous Fake Adam Sandler Movie Taking the Internet by Storm

The internet is often a hellscape, but every so often a gift comes along like “Jacked Up.” Reddit user LundgrensFrontKick is going viral this week on the popular news aggregation website after introducing the internet to a fake Adam Sandler movie that is as outrageously and shockingly stupid as many of the comedian’s Netflix originals (see “Murder Mystery” and “The Do Over”).

The film, titled “Jacked Up,” has a plot ripped from Sandler’s 12 lowest rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes, from the 0% Western parody “The Ridiculous Six” to the 3% comedy “Jack and Jill,” and has gained such traction online that fan posters are even being created for it.“Jacked Up” stars Sandler as a personal trainer and shoe salesman named Jack Goodheart.

Sandler also stars in drag as Jack’s wife, Janet.

It wouldn’t be a Sandler movie without a trip to a beautiful locale so “Jacked Up

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