Disney Chief Bob Iger Expects Marvel to Announce Upcoming McU Titles This Summer

While Disney and Marvel’s smash hit “Avengers: Endgame” continues to dominate the box office, fans and investors alike are already looking forward to the next round of Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

That includes Disney chief Bob Iger, who was asked in an earnings call on Wednesday afternoon when fans of the franchise can expect to hear about the official titles of a slew of already-announced McU films.

While Iger couldn’t offer specifics, he did say that he expects Marvel to announce some new titles in the coming months.Iger, the chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, also pointed to the studio’s recently updated release calendar, which earlier this week reconfirmed eight previously announced Marvel dates.

When asked about which McU films will join the successful franchise, Iger coyly offered, “We obviously know what they are.”But that doesn’t mean he had permission to share

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