Disney Stopped Andrew Scott From Having A Larger Part In Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan” is known for having a brilliant ensemble cast filled with well-known names, even in the smallest of roles.

The Steven Spielberg-directed film housed many young performances from up-and-coming actors as armies of soldiers due to the epic scale captured in the war film.

For instance, Vin Diesel’s brief role tends to stand out because of his current status as a movie star.

In that case, Diesel has a few lines to say and an important sacrifice before biting the dust.

But there are a few appearances that still go under the radar these days, namely one that is quite difficult to spot if not pointed out by the actor himself.

I literally had to squint at my screen to find him.As the headline suggests, “Fleabag” star Andrew Scott has a pretty small part in “Saving Private Ryan.” For the uninitiated, Scott plays a soldier

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