‘Do Revenge’ Review: Maya Hawke Rages Against the Sheen in Bubble Gum Teen Satire

Despite reports of Gen-z’s progressive politics, it appears hyper-awareness around sexuality, consent, and toxic masculinity have only made high school popularity contests more sophisticated.

That is, if we’re to take the outlandish feminist satire running through Netflix’s dark teen comedy “Do Revenge” at face value, anyway.

If two-faced men’s rights groups and psychedelic mushroom stings seem a little ridiculous, it’s all part of the sickly fun and games of “Do Revenge,”Starring Camila Mendes (“Riverdale”) and Maya Hawke (“Stranger Things”) as two unlikely allies in a battle for teen justice, “Do Revenge” is a funny feminist take on the mainstream high school comedy.

Touching lightly on class awareness and queer politics, the girls are firmly in control of this candy-coated world — though only one can come out on top.

As their Machiavellian quest for revenge leads to some unlikely revelations, the self-righteous anti-heroines prove that

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