‘Doctor Strange 2’ tops global box office, reaches 688m after two weekends; ‘Firestarter’ fizzles with 5.9m debut

Doctor Strange took a big tumble in its second session, dropping 67.5 at the North America box office.Worldwide Box Office May 13-15RankFilm(distributor)3-day(world)Cume(world)3-day(int’l)Cume(int’l)Territories1.Doctor Strange 2(Disney)144.5m 688.1m 83.5m 396.2m 50 2.The Bad Guys(Universal)13.6m 165.6m 6.7m 99.3m 67 3;Sonic TheHedgehog 2(Paramount)9.9m 362.9m 5.3m 187.2m 62 4;FantasticBeasts 3(Warner Bros)6.3m 376m 3.9m 286m 75 5.Firestarter(Universal)5.9m 5.9m 2.1m 2.1m 41 6.The Lost City(Paramount)4.7m 170.2m 3m 73.1m 55 7.EverythingEverywhereAll At Once(various)4.7m 55.9m 1.4m 8.8m 16 8.TheNorthman(Universal)4.2m 58.1m 2.5m 27m 48 9.DowntonAbbey:

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