‘Doctor Strange’ Director Scott Derrickson Boards ‘Labyrinth’ Sequel

Doctor Strange” helmer Scott Derrickson will direct the sequel to Jim Henson’s fantasy musical “Labyrinth” for TriStar Pictures.Lisa Henson of The Jim Henson Company is producing.

Brian Henson is executive producing.

Derrickson is executive producing with his frequent collaborator, C.

Robert Cargill.

Blanca Lisa, vice president of feature film production, is shepherding the project for The Jim Henson Company.

Caellum Allan is supervising with Nicole Brown on behalf of TriStar Pictures.Maggie Levin, who wrote and directed “Into the Dark: My Valentine“ for Hulu, will pen the script for the sequel.

The original 1986 movie starred David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.

Sony, which announced the project on Tuesday, said “Labyrinth” has maintained audience popularity for over three decades, leading to tie-in novels, comic books, video games, screenings and even an annual fan masquerade ball.The late Jim Henson directed “Labyrinth” and George Lucas executive produced the pic.

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