Doctor Who: Flux Will Feature A ‘Massive Arc’ For The Doctor, Jodie Whittaker Teases

Doctor Who” is constantly changing.

This is no big surprise for fans of the show: constant change is the nature of a show designed to cycle out of its main cast every few season.

Yet somehow, there’s always room left for even more experimentation.For its 13th season, “Doctor Who” is veering away from the typical monster-of-the-week style storytelling in favor of a six-episode serialized arc.

That’s right — a single story told across an entire season.

Fit with its own title (“Doctor Who: Flux”), this season already stands apart from others, dragging your favorite Time Lord into uncharted territory….The post Doctor Who: Flux Will Feature a ‘Massive Arc’ for the Doctor, Jodie Whittaker Teases appeared first on /Film.

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