Donald Glover: Celebrity Children Face ‘Pressure’ to Break Out of ‘Legacy Bubble’ in Hollywood

Donald Glover spoke out on the difference between artists and entertainers…and the children of both.During an interview with The Wall Street Journal Magazine, the “Atlanta” creator applauded Zoë Kravitz for her directorial debut with “Pussy Island,” which she also co-wrote.“I know she feels the pressure,” Glover said of Kravitz’s need to be viewed as more than “the daughter of,” citing her parents Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s respective fame.

“There’s always a pressure that’s like, ‘I actually have to do something that’s good, because otherwise people will say it’s not because of me being creative.’”The “Mr.

and Mrs.

Smith” showrunner continued, “A lot of artists think they’re artists but they’re actually entertainers.

She’s actually somebody who is like, ‘No, I know when someone’s lying to me.

I know when I actually look good.

I know

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