Doug Liman Reveals His First Film Was About Dogs Pooping in Central Park

Doug Liman is a renowned filmmaker behind an array of hit blockbusters from “The Bourne Identity” to “Edge of Tomorrow.” During his director series at the Tribeca Festival 2021, which was moderated by Jason Hirschhorn on Tuesday night, Liman revealed that he created his first film at the age of six.

It was a short documentary about dogs in Central Park, which Liman’s older sister was quick to criticize.“She was like, ‘it’s just dog shitting, who’s gonna want to watch that?’” Liman recalled.

“The reality is, I was six years old with a camera.

It’s very hard to track a dog that’s running in a park, you really have to wait for them to stop running.

And it turns out, the only time they weren’t running was when they were pooping.

So I had a whole movie of dogs pooping.”Liman said that

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