Drip, Drip, Drip — ‘Mulan’ and Other Signs of the Increasingly Fragile Theatrical Future

Like “Tenet” before it, “Mulan” has joined the land of the undated blockbuster.

So has Wes Anderson’s would-be Oscar title, “The French Dispatch, and the long-delayed “Woman In the Window,” while all of the upcoming installments of “Star Wars” and “Avatar” will see their releases delayed by a year.Disney dropped its long list of changes today at 5pm Eastern, after stock markets closed, and for good reason.

These new dates — or the lack thereof — are unsettling, like most paradigm shifts.

And while Warners’ “Tenet” announcement came with plenty of context from the corporate office, along with a heartfelt quote from its motion picture chairman reaffirming its theatrical commitment, Disney didn’t bother.

The release was a list of titles and dates, over and out.That’s not to suggest that Disney doesn’t need theaters.

At this writing, much of the Disney 2020 schedule remains intact including “Black Widow

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