Dropbox Returns to Sundance to Celebrate the Art of Collaboration

Making a film can be both a marathon and a sprint, with a production taking months or even years to come to fruition — with many long, tiring days on set and in editing rooms.

But now filmmakers are discovering different ways to use Dropbox to streamline creative workflows and get their passion projects off the ground much faster.Why is Dropbox at Sundance?Dropbox returns to the Sundance Film Festival for the 4th year in a row to celebrate the massive collaborative effort that it takes to make a film.

For the past 5 years, over 60% of Sundance films were made with the help of Dropbox.

Filmmakers like Edward Norton (“Motherless Brooklyn”), Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight”), and Lulu Wang (“The Farewell”) have relied on Dropbox to work better with their large and diverse teams.Filmmaking is a team sport.

Oftentimes there are large teams working in different locations with tight timelines, constantly shifting priorities,

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