Duncan Jones Debuts ‘Madi,’ the Graphic Novel Ending to the ‘Moon’ and ‘Mute’ Universe

Duncan Jones’ “Mooniverse” trilogy is coming to an end with the debut of his graphic novel “Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future.” The book is the third and final entry in Jones’ science-fiction series that launched in 2009 with his indie film favorite “Moon” and continued with his polarizing 2018 Netflix original movie “Mute.” Each entry tells a different story set within the same universe.

Jones’ “Moon,” starring Sam Rockwell in a dual role, was a critical favorite and has become a cult favorite over the last decade.

Jones announced last summer he would complete the “Mooniverse” with a graphic novel, and now a Kickstarter has launched (via Empire) in which fans can purchase the final product and get a first look at the book.“Madi” is billed as a “260-page road trip graphic novel” from Jones and writer Alex de Campi.

The two collaborators partnered with artists such as Glenn Fabry,

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