Dune, Antlers, Last Night In Soho Had A Scary Bad Halloween At The Box Office

Halloween happened over the weekend, and given that the holiday all but didn’t happen in 2020, there was much pent-up desire to enjoy the spooky season properly this year.

While that was surely rewarding in its own way for those who observe the holiday, it wasn’t great for the box office as the weekend’s new offerings, namely “Antlers” and “Last Night In Soho,” suffered (at least in part) as a result.

The weekend wasn’t that kind to “Dune,” either, or virtually any other movie that was vying for attention and moviegoer money, save for “Halloween Kills,” and, amazingly enough,…The post Dune, Antlers, Last Night In Soho Had a Scary Bad Halloween At the Box Office appeared first on /Film.

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