‘Dune’ Is One of Hans Zimmer’s Most Ambitious Scores, and It’s Now Streaming: Listen Here

Regardless of what you think about Denis Villeneuve’s massive sci-fi epic “Dune” when it hits theaters — and HBO Max! — on October 22, Hans Zimmer’s score certainly helps make the case to hear the epic film via the best possible sound system.

The full soundtrack album is now streaming wherever you get your music, and the Spotify playlist is embedded below.“The sound of @DuneMovie wraps itself around you in a way that I haven’t ever experienced before, and now you finally get to hear it,” said the Oscar-winning Zimmer.

Will the new film turn out his twelfth Academy Award nomination? He won in 1995 for “The Lion King.”Apparently the scope of “Dune” is big enough to inspire two original Hans Zimmer scores.

It was already known that Oscar winner Zimmer was composing the original score for Villeneuve’s “Dune” theatrical release, but now io9 has confirmed that Zimmer

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