‘Dune,’ ‘The Power of the Dog,’ and ‘The Last Duel’ Find Strength in Home Audiences

After a single week as undisputed Premium VOD champion, “Carnage-2021-movie-posters/”>Venom: Let There Be Carnage” (Sony/$19.99) had company this week with “The Last Duel” (Disney/$19.99) and “Dune” (Warner Bros./$24.99).

“Carnage” retained the top spot at Google Play and Vudu, while “The Last Duel” was #1 at Apple TV/iTunes.

“Dune” took two #2 spots among its placements.The two new releases took very different theatrical routes.

After Ridley Scott’s medieval combat drama starring Matt Damon, Jodie Comer, and Adam Driver failed to make much impact in theaters, Disney waited six weeks.

The film’s star power, director, and violent premise may have generated home-viewing interest.“Dune” took a different course.

This weekend it was still in the theatrical top 10 (a return to IMAX screens provided a boost).

It spent its first 31 days also on HBO Max.

It debuted on PVOD, pricing it at $24.99 rather than the standard $19.99.

That didn’t seem to

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