Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Rampage’ Bumps Up a Week After ‘Avengers’ Move

Dwayne Johnson will save the world a week earlier than planned as Warner Bros.

moves up his video game adaptation “Rampage” from April 20 to April 13.The studio announced the shift Monday, five days after Disney-Marvel moved its tentpole “Avengers: Infinity War” forward a week from May 4 to April 27.

The schedule change gives “Rampage” a full two weeks again before the latest Avengers adventure arrives.Warner Bros., which is releasing the movie through its New Line division, has high hopes for “Rampage.” Johnson has underlined his status as a box office superstar through “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.” The action-comedy overperformed during the past two months for Sony with $930 million in worldwide grosses.In “Rampage,” Johnson portrays a primatologist who keeps people at a distance, but shares a bond with George, a silverback gorilla who has been in his care since birth.

But a rogue genetic experiment mutates the

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