Elliot Page Suffered Panic Attack After ‘Inception’ Premiere Over Hollywood Gender Pressure

Elliot Page joined Oprah for his first sit-down television interview since coming out as transgender in December 2020.

The emotional interview includes several revelations from Page about how the pressure to fit the expectations of the female gender in Hollywood took its toll on his mental health.

During the exhaustive international press tour for Christopher Nolan’s “Inception,” Page suffered a panic attack and collapsed at the after party.“There was so much press and so many premieres all around the world and I was wearing dresses and heels to pretty much every single event,” Page said, noting one bad panic attack occurred in Paris on the “Inception” press tour after her manager offered him three dresses to wear to a screening (via The Independent).

“I lost it, it was like a cinematic moment.

That night, after the premiere at the after-party, I collapsed.

That’s something that’s happened frequently in my life,

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