Emily Blunt: Why Denis Villeneuve Made the ‘Right Decision’ Cutting Original ‘Sicario’ Opening

During an episode of the “Team Deakins” podcast released in August, Roger Deakins and Denis Villeneuve’s longtime editor Joe Walker reflected on the original opening to “Sicario” that was left on the cutting room floor.

The film was initially set to begin with a scene involving Benicio del Toro’s assassin Alejandro interrogating a cop by holding his head underwater.

Alejandro accidentally drowns the cop, only to resuscitate him with CPR and continue the interrogation.

The opening served as a bleak introduction to Alejandro and the film’s dour tone, but it distorted Villeneuve’s plan for the film’s overall perspective.“It changed Benicio’s introduction and the perspective of the film,” Deakins said.

“You feel [in the theatrical cut it’s] more about Emily [Blunt] and this ghostly character shows up at the airport.

I really miss the opening but I’m glad it wasn’t used.”Walker agreed the original opening “changed the perspective of the entire film,

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